Red 2L Electric Blender

Red 2L Electric Blender

Introducing the PolyCool Commercial Blender - perfect for enjoying the most delicious smoothies at home. With a seriously powerful 2200W commercial strength motor this multi-purpose blender can do smoothies, milkshakes, soups, nut/soy milk, grind nuts or coffee, dips, cocktails, juices and so much more. With a large 2 litre capacity you can blend up cocktails to cater for your next dinner party in seconds!

PolyCool is made to last, featuring Japanese made food industry 304 grade stainless steel blades with an innovative multi-angle design.


The jug is made from BPA free polycarbonate so you can blend everything from coffee to soups without a worry.

You can blend to perfection thanks to the 10 speed variable dial, or pulse away with the flick of a switch. You won’t have to worry about making a mess with the secure locking lid. If you're blending big pieces of vegetables or fruit there’s an included tamper to help mix all ingredients into the blend.


The rubber non-slip feet will ensure the blender stays secure while being used.

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