Panasonic DE-A92AA Charger

Panasonic DE-A92AA Charger
Panasonic Genuine Charger with AC Mains cable. Compatible with the following models [Battery] DMW-BCK7E, DMWBCK7E, NCA-YN101F, VW-BCK7 for Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH2, DMC-FH2A, DMC-FH2P, DMC-FH2R, DMC-FH2K, DMC-FH5, DMC-FH5K, DMC-FH5N, DMC-FH5P, DMC-FH5S, DMC-FH24, DMC-FH25, DMC-FH25A, DMC-FH25K, DMC-FH25R, DMC-FH25S, DMC-FH25V, DMC-FH27, DMC-FH27K, DMC-FH27R, DMC-FH27S, DMC-FP5, DMC-FP5A, DMC-FP5G, DMC-FP5K, DMC-FP5P, DMC-FP5S, DMC-FP7, DMC-FP7A, DMC-FP7K, DMC-FP7N, DMC-FP7P, DMC-FP7R, DMC-FP7S, DMC-FS14, DMC-FS16, DMC-FS16A, DMC-FS16K, DMC-FS16P, DMC-FS16R, DMC-FS16S, DMC-FS18, DMC-FS18K, DMC-FS18N, DMC-FS18P, DMC-FS18S, DMC-FS18V, DMC-FS22, DMC-FS35, DMC-FS37, DMC-FS37K, DMC-FS37R, DMC-FS37S, DMC-FX77, DMC-FX78, DMC-FX90, DMC-S1, DMC-S3A, DMC-S3, DMC-S3A.
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