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Kenko 55mm Pro 1D ND4 Filter

Kenko 55mm Pro 1D ND4 Filter
This medium-class lter series was developed in the mid-2000s when digital single-lens reex cameras were popular. Adopting digital multi-coat technology, these lters achieve an overall lter transparency of 99% (protector) with a minimum price premium. The new-concept lter series employs a black-painted frame for reduced reection in the glass, a knurled frame for easy attachment, and other user-friendly features.


These lters function well not only with digital cameras but also with lm cameras. Digital Multi-Coated Digital multi-coated filters greatly reduce the appearance of lens flare and ghosting caused by reflections. pro1d-mc.gif Black Almite Frame Filters feature a black matte aluminum satin finish almite frame which reduces reflections.


Black Rimmed Glass These filters are equipped with black rimmed glass to reduce the chance of light reflecting off the edge. Low Profile Frame Ultra thin filter frames to help avoid vignetting on super wide angle lenses are also designed to hold a lens cap. Knurling Edge Frame These filters are equipped with a straight knurling edge for non-slip, easy attachment and removal.


UV Protected Case Filter cases are UV protected to further lengthen the life of filters..


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