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Department Store Giant Myer Launch Online Store

Published on Wed 6 Apr 2011 10:30 AM AEST, by Luke Cliff

The department store giant Myer has been a popular destination for many shoppers around Australia for the better part of 100 years, and with the launch of the Myer online shopping store last month, I've decided to checkout the store and write a review.

Myer Gifts Online

In an article I read at SmartHouse Mr Brookes CEO of Myer, said that Myer was creating the new site out of frustration over a lack of action from the federal government over GST-free shopping online. I'm a little sceptical in believing that GST free shopping was the only reason, I simply can't find that many products listed on the new Myer store over $1000.

Anyway, this article isn't about the GST debate. It's about the great store Myer has launched regardless of the reasons why it was built. It's fantastic to see a big, well known traditional store embrace the Internet shopping revolution and finally launch an online store. I've been waiting for big companies like Myer for at least a decade, and it appears that they are finally waking up to the new way Australians do their shopping - Online.

Myers New Department Store Screen Shot

At the Myer Gift Shop you'll find a whole gamut of ways to browse the store, shop by categories including Women, Men, Kids & Toys, Electrical, Homewares, and more. In each of these main departments, there's also navigation filters where you can further define your browsing by selecting brands, and sub departments such as a Gaming category under the main Electrical department.

The Myers FAQ says you'll pay a flat rate of $8 for gifts delivered in Australia. Hopefully the word "Gifts" means the entire product range available for ordering. I've run a quick search around the products and couldn't find a different price to the $8 flat rate delivery charge advertised, this is fantastic news if you buy heaps in one order.

Quality products at the Myer gift store online

Prices at the Myers online department store are not exactly big on discounts, and I'm not surprised to see retail prices for their product range. These products are of course known for quality as well, so I don't think we will see big discounts and savings compared to other online department stores. In the Electrical department you can get an iPod nano case for $9.95, right up to a Delonghi coffee machine for $3,099.00. An Apple Macbook Pro is the same price as the Apple store, and Apple will deliver for free.

Apart from the prices being a bit high, I like the look & feel of the web site. Navigation is easy, and doesn't get in the way of reading the product details. Plain colours all around so you can make an uninterrupted purchasing decision.

Adding products to your cart is easy with a dynamic drop down list of your shopping cart. Checking out is much better than some stores, simply because you don't need to be registered with the Myers gift shop to make a purchase. The web site is also secure the moment you enter into the checkout process.

All up I think the web site will do very well. If you're looking for a big range of well known brands, you can always trust Myer to stock them. Checkout and browse the new Myers online gift shop store with the following link.

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