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Australia Post Delivers Office Store Online

Published on Thu 12 Aug 2010 10:58 AM AEST, by Luke Cliff

In a media release recently, Australia Post has decided to launch an online store, in partnership with an existing online stationery store.

Australia Post Delivers Office Store Online

The partnership with OfficeMax, will see Australia Post offer retail products online. OfficeMax's 10,000 products will be available on the Australia Post website at

"Australia Post is delighted that our extensive delivery network will be used in partnership with OfficeMax to deliver affordable office and technology products to workplaces across the country," says Australia Post Merchandise Services Manager, Rowan Howarth in a media release made last Tuesday.

As well as general online shoppers, the online store is also expected to be particular value to businesses that seek the convenience of online ordering of office products. Products available include desk stationery through to technology hardware, consumables, cleaning items and even furniture.

The online partnership with OfficeMax adds to the bunch of digital initiatives for customers launched by Australia Post in recent months including:

  1. An iPhone app, where customers can pay bills, track parcels and find a nearby post office.
  2. The launch of Australia Post's website for mobile phones and smartphones.
  3. The integration of the Click and Send service with eBay, helping customers to easily prepare items sold through eBay for domestic and international shipment.

In short, the new Australia Post online store is being serviced by another online retail store called OfficeMax. And a close inspection of the two websites, shows the exact same detail including prices, descriptions, favorite products, bestsellers the entire site! If your getting confused right now about what Aus Post actually do at the new store, from looking at it I would say they only deliver your order.

We love to see the big retailers getting on-board with the Internet, and for all of its intent the Australia Post web site is a safe and easy place to do your online shopping for office stationary. However, I get disappointed when I see the brands being used as a front for another operation, it appears to me as a hollow web space just for the sake of having a online web store.

Lets hope in future Australia Post become more individual and unique in the coming years, just for us customers :)






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