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Big W Launches Online Discount Department Store

Published on Tue 11 May 2010 10:54 AM AEST, by James Murphy

Australia's biggest offline discount department store, now has over 4,000 products available to buy online. The Big W online store launched this week, and they're offering the same low prices that you get in-store, on electronics, baby products, home & garden, fashion, toys, entertainment, and more.


Big W has had an online shopping presence at Big W Entertainment for some time actually, but products are mostly limited to music, DVD's, books, and games. That's all changed now however, as Big W now has an online department store to rival the likes of OO, DealsDirect, and Big Brown Box.

I'm surprised that it has taken Big W so long to establish a full online presence in Australia, but I'm glad they've finally realised that the demand is certainly there, and they have plenty of customers who prefer the convenience of shopping online.

In a story on A Current Affair yesterday, Big W said their new online store "will be revolutionary for Australia" -- I think that's going a bit too far really, I mean people have been shopping online at discount department stores for many years now! However, now that Big W has made the big push online, I'm hoping the floodgates will open, and other big offline retailers like Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, Kmart, Target, Aldi, and Ikea, will launch full online stores in Australia.

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