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New Razor Blade Sharpener Saves Money

Published on Wed 7 Apr 2010 10:35 AM AEST, by Luke Cliff

A new, Danish invention saves you money on expensive razor blades, by sharpening disposable razor blades, making them as good as new.

If you're like me, and shave everyday you'll understand how good a razor sharpener would be. Four blades a month, costs me around $24. Add that up and it's close to $300 a year! I'm glad to say now I can do something about it, and buy a razor blade sharpener from RazorPit and save each blade up to 10 times longer.

In a media release from Razorpit, Morten Kjeldsen, who had the idea for the inventive "Razorpit" razor sharpener said, "I was amazed of how expensive razor blades are and how they went dull so fast. It is high tech and it didn't feel right, that they had to be replaced so fast."

New Razor Blade Sharpener Saves Money

The RazorPit razor blade sharpener is a small silicone plate that in a few seconds "sharpens" razor blades and makes them as good as new, extending the life of the blades. The high friction levels of the razor against the silicone plate removes soap coverings, skin and hair that sticks to the razor blade edge and makes it feel dull. Kind of like how a barber "sharpens" his knife on a leather strap, A few strokes on the Razorpit are enough to make the blades seem like new.

RazorPit can be bought online at for $30 Australian. RazorPit is imperishable, and for me $30 is a great price for a product that will save hundreds of dollars.

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