Closing Down

We've been running the site for over ten years offering places to shop online and publishing discounts from a multitude of online retailers but it comes with a heavy heart that Online Shopping Australia will be shutting down soon.

From the early years of discount shopping, the new iPhone 3 being released, Harvey Norman insisting that "online shopping is something they'll never do", Click Frenzy days and a decade of shopping specials online.

We've seen Australia grow fond of online shopping since mid 2007, and now it's an essential part of living that has changed the way we live day to day.

Why is Online Shopping Australia closing down?

Online Shopping Australia was a publishing company. In mid 2007 publishing about online stores, reviewing products and writing about up coming shopping events was relatively new and our readers enjoyed the publications to help them make purchasing decisions.

Today however, publishing online is a very competitive industry and unfortunately the company was never in a position to extend it's services by selling products as an online retailer to maintain a solid revenue.

While there is great potential for this website to sell products with an average of 500 unique visitors to this day, and an overall average of 1 million unique visits a per year, publishing articles about products and earning revenue from advertisements alone is not a sustainable return for the company.

If you have an interest in purchasing the domain name, vist for more details. The domain is ready for purchase here: Netfleet

If you have any enquiries about the site and company closure please use the contact form or postal address below.

Kind Regards
Luke Cliff
Former Director of Online Shopping Australia / FingerTap Apps Pty Ltd.